While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chicken Feet and Shrimp Noodle Salad

Photo note:

"Shrimp, chicken feet, cuttlefish, and mung bean noodles tossed together with sliced onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, and other seasonings.

My aunt made this for a birthday party. Only for adventurous eaters! =]"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Thanksgiving Pizza

The Thanksgiving Pizza, originally uploaded by fikustrees.
Here is another view of the Thanksgiving Pizza. It really looks good!

Find more about this image at: 


A slice of thanksgiving

A slice of thanksgiving, originally uploaded by fikustrees.
A Thanksgiving pizza!

Photo link:

Another squash-related Thanksgiving disaster narrowly averted

Eeeek! Don't let this happen to you. (I can totally see that happening to me. . .)

This photographer tells us:

"We were roasting some squash for Thanksgiving. Half an hour in to the cooking, we heard a loud pop from the oven and found that the Pyrex roasting pan had blown apart. Took us the next 45 minutes to clean the glass shards out of the oven, including unscrewing the floor of the oven compartment."

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!, originally uploaded by shutterberry.

This plate is so sensual and rich in color~ I love it!

Photo note:

"There was no traveling this Thanksgiving because of my broken ankle so I spent the day with family, just the 4 of us. It was a very quiet and peaceful Thanksgiving :) "


Gobble..., originally uploaded by Jade M. Sheldon.

Another turkey cupcake - so cute!

Thanksgiving Treat

Thanksgiving Treat, originally uploaded by goddess of chocolate.

This is amazing! What a wonderful spread~

Photo note:

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving - sweet potatoes and marshmallows! The board measures 1.75" x 2.5"

Lovely miniature!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake

Happy Thanksgiving!, originally uploaded by lordog.

Wow! Can you say "frosting?"

Photographer's note:

"Happy (American) Thanksgiving to my Flickr friends!"

Thanksgiving 3000!

Thanksgiving 3000!, originally uploaded by Ray Moody.

Oh my!

Photo note:

"This one is Hayley's fault.
We were talking about Thanksgiving dinner and she was telling me how much she liked "can". This is of course jellied cranberry sauce from the can.
I was HORRIBLY offended by this. (kidding) I said why don't we just do the whole thing from a can?
Evil then started. Why not make everything a pre formed shape?
We present to you Thanksgiving 3000!

The question is:
Finest in Molecular Gastonomy or crap?"

Thanksgiving Plate

FOOD, originally uploaded by Brother O'Mara.

Wow- this one looks very traditional, at least in our house, and very tasty.

Photographer's note:

"This was my wonderful traditional Thanksgiving meal - nothing but the standards. The sweet-potato-in-an-orange is a speciality of one of my family friends. I'm glad he was able to attend and bring the goods."

Wonderful photo~

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal

Okay, so I couldn't resist this photo~

"Inspired by the "meal" created by Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, and Woodstock in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving!"

Practice Thanksgiving Plate

Practice Thanksgiving Plate, originally uploaded by neener_7.

Photographer's note:

"Cut the Line is really good at arranging the food on her plate so that it is aesthetically pleasing (well, to me). At Practice Thanksgiving."

Hog Maw AKA Susquehanna Turkey Thanksgiving

Photo note:

"Pre Thanksgiving Day Hog Maw AKA Susquehanna Turkey - stuffed pig stomach with crispy skin - Pork sausage potatoes cabbage and onions German Pennsylvania Dutch type cooking food"

About Hog Maw:

From Wikipedia:

Hog maw is the stomach of a pig. More specifically, it is the lining of the stomach, it is very muscular and contains no fat, if cleaned properly. It can be found in soul food, Chinese, Pennsylvania Dutch, Scottish, and Italian dishes. In addition, it can be prepared in various ways including stewed, fried, baked, and broiled.

Pennsylvania Dutch

Hog maw (sometimes called "Pig's Stomach" or "Susquehanna Turkey") is a Pennsylvania Dutch dish. In the Pennsylvania German language, it is known as "Seimaaga", probably originating from its German name Saumagen. It is made from a cleaned pig's stomach traditionally stuffed with cubed potatoes and loose pork sausage. Other ingredients include cabbage, onions, and spices. It was traditionally boiled in a large pot covered in water, not unlike Scottish haggis, but it can also be baked or broiled until browned or split, then it is drizzled with butter before serving. It is usually served hot on a platter cut into slices or cold as a sandwich. Often served in the winter, it was made on hog butchering days on the farms of Lancaster and Berks Counties and elsewhere in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

It remains a traditional New Year's Day side dish for many Pennsylvania German families; in fact, many families believe that it is bad luck if not even a small piece is consumed on New Year's Day, as is the case with pork and sauerkraut. The stomach is purchased at one of the many traditional butchers at local farmers' markets. The original recipe was most likely brought to Pennsylvania from the Palatinate area of Germany, where it is called Saumagen and served with sauerkraut, another Pennsylvania Dutch food. Indeed, Saumagen is reported to be a favorite of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, a native of the Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) Region.


Soul Food

As a Soul Food dish, hog maw has often been coupled with chitterlings, which are pig intestines. In the book Plantation Row Slave Cabin Cooking: The Roots of Soul Food hog maw is used in the Hog Maw Salad recipe.

Chinese Cuisine
Stir fried hog maw served with pork and beef dumplings.  In Chinese cuisine, hog maw is often served stir fried with vegetables.

Latin American Cuisine
Hog maws (called "buche") are a specialty in taco stands all over Mexico, mostly deep fried with the rest of the pork.

In Puerto Rico, hog maws are called Cuajos. Cuajitos is a popular street vendor food found around the island and is most often served with boiled green banana escabeche (not plantains) and morcilla (blood sausage)."

Facts and Folklore of York County, Pennsylvania (Your A to Z Guide - Attractions to Barbells, Christmas to Fasnachts, Hex Muder to Hog Maw, Shoe House to Zimmerman) 

Hog Maw AKA Susquehanna Turkey Thanksgiving

Photo note:

"Pre Thanksgiving Day Hog Maw AKA Susquehanna Turkey - stuffed pig stomach with crispy skin Pork sausage potatoes cabbage and onions German Pennsylvania Dutch type cooking food"

Thanksgiving Plate

Thanksgiving Plate, originally uploaded by Philosopher Queen.
Are we getting hungry yet? As the days draw near, I'll be focusing on different components of the Thanksgiving dinner. Tune in again soon!

Photo note:

"Mmmmm!! Thanksgiving food is so colorful! Starting from the top, clockwise: scalloped corn, toasted almonds, green salad, sweet potato, stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey, and green beans in the center. Mmmm!"

Thanksgiving Vignette 001

Thanksgiving Vignette 001, originally uploaded by Diogioscuro.

This is just too beautiful to pass up.

The creator / photographer tells us:

"Ironically, during the most intense diet of my life (in 2002) I decided to create this Thanksgiving vignette (1/12th scale), to display at our annual holiday dinner. I scoured eBay and all of the miniature shops and shows for just the right foods to include. I still put this vignette out every year. Here it is with it's cover on."

Early Thanksgiving Feast

Early Thanksgiving Feast, originally uploaded by LollyKnit.
Photo note:

"Kris and I decided to make an early Thanksgiving feast... we will be out of town for the real day, so why not create our own a little early?

We started cooking last night - good food takes a while to cook. It was well worth it!

Blog post + RECIPES here!"

Thanksgiving Plate - Vegetarian

thanksgiving :: food, originally uploaded by schlaeps.
I find that there are so many wonderful vegetarian offerings that one need not go hungry, nor lack for variety.

Photo note:

"vegetarian thanksgiving. great plate of food."

Thanksgiving Food Plate - Dinner 2009

Well, with Halloween over, it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving dinners, and all that goes with them.

One thing that intrigues me about this plate is the mushroom gravy. This sounds most excellent. And, I love the wonderful colors and textures this plate affords.

Photo note:

"This was my plate on thanksgiving we had a lot more different types of food but there was just too much to put it on the plate."

A very familiar story!

Monday, November 1, 2010

pumpkin treats

pumpkin treats, originally uploaded by moblondeart.

Yummy looking! Wondering if they are a jazzy version of rice crispy treats?

Halloween Birthday Cake with Treat Bag.

This is just wonderful! Filing this away for next Halloween. . .

Photo note:

"Halloween Birthday Cake with Treat Bag. Halloween at its sweetest! This is the perfect blend of spooky Halloween traditions and girly birthday "bling". Each and every part of this cake is edible and hand designed. The top layer is a spooky Blood Red, red velvet cake paired with classic cream cheese filling, followed by a butter yellow cake with whipped buttercream filling. Each layer of cake is covered in a generous layer of buttercream and wrapped in a fresh layer of silky fondant and brushed with luster dust for sparkle. The trick or treat bag on top is hand sculpted and filled with candy corns and a birthday message board. A ring of hand cut ghosts hold hands at the top and encircle the top of the cake. Spider webs are hand piped and finished with fondant spiders. The bottom layer boasts grand spooky trees with fall leaves, picket fences, witches brooms a creepy graveyard, a black cat and a great pumpkin patch! This is one spooktacular cake that sparkles and spooks in all the right places! Happy Birthday Ella!! Browse our full dessert gallery at www.jmccustomcakes.com ."

Pumpkin Haupia Mochi - Happy Hearts Mochi

Omg - if these don't look good, I don't know what does!

Photo note on these little gems:

"Limited edition mochi: Pumpkin Haupia Mochi, featured for the month of October only at Happy Hearts Mochi in Honolulu, Hawaii.

One of the perks of being the Mochi Lady's webmaster and photographer is being able to sample the delectable treats! Don't miss out on this special mochi flavor!

Go to happyheartsmochi.com for more info (and to see more delicious mochi pictures)!


Samhain Altar, originally uploaded by lucyduckett.

 Also, Happy Celtic New Year~

This photographer tells us:

"I made it a kind of ancestor shrine as well as my Samhain altar."

Food Offerings

Food Offerings, originally uploaded by seaotter22.

Day of the Dead

IMG_0773, originally uploaded by brianfey.

Preparing the feast.

Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead., originally uploaded by Olivia Gray.

Day of Dead table spread~

... on the day of the dead ...

Photo note:


a very creative, different kind of Altar display in a shop window i saw last night on may way home from the celebrations in Ajijc's Plaza !! these sugar skulls are a traditional part of any Mexican altar, they mostly are decorated with colorful sugar designs... and names of living family members and friends."

Bread of the Dead

Bread of the Dead, originally uploaded by Ilhuicamina.

This is a beautiful bread for All Souls / All Saints Day~

Photo note:

"Pan de Muertos. Sweet bread served for los dias de los muertos. Mexican Cultural Institute. Washington, DC"


condesas, originally uploaded by Harry Gonzales.

Beautiful photo~

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