While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Most Ridiculous School Lunch Ever

Photo note:

"I eat school lunch every day. Usually, the meals that arrive at my desk are pretty tasty. Udon, curry, ramen, etc. Today, though, it was ridiculous! (See the above notes for the details.) I ate all of it! I could barely move the rest of the day."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Twilight Cake

Twilight Cake, originally uploaded by jdartigas.

I like the cake shaped as the apple~

Photo note:

"A friend wanted a Twilight themed cake, with emphasis on the apple. The first cake came out looking like a tomato so we peeled off the fondant, reshaped the cake a bit and whipped a new batch of darker red fontdant. We were pretty pleased and the birthday girl was really happy."

new moon cake

new moon cake, originally uploaded by Isabella's sweet tooth.

This baker says:

"i made this for my niece who is a twilight fan. She prefers the werewloves over the vampires. This is my 2nd fondant covered cake and the werewolf is made of rice crispies treats, covered in fondant and the fur is royal icing"

twilight cake

twilight cake, originally uploaded by BackoftheCupboard.

The apple and roses make quite a nice touch~

Photo note:

"Made for my neice's 11th birthday, she's a huge twilight fan.

Black satin ice fondant covering, real red roses(in flower cake picks), the apple is white marshmallow fondant painted with red food colouring gel, with a chocolate fondant stem."

Twilight Cake

Friday, August 28, 2009

Employees Only - Cocktails

Employees Only - Cocktails, originally uploaded by yoyonation.

This caught my eye, as I've been making both blackberry and peach cordials lately.

Photo note:

"Front: Fraise Sauvages - Plymouth gin, wild strawberries, tahitian vanilla & fresh lemon juice, topped off with mumm joyesse demi-sec champagne

Back: Bellini - pureed white peaches stirred with prosecco and dashes of peach cordial

510 Hudson St. (between 10th St. and Christopher St.), West Village, NYC"

new moon: bell's birthday cake

Isn't this gorgeous for a birthday spread? Very pretty~

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Ozette Sunday Breakfast

This last weekend we went to Lake Ozette, camped two nights, and hiked the triangle loop trail - Ozette ranger station to Cape Olava, along the driftwood and beach rocks to Sand Point, and back again to the ranger station: 9.2 miles.

(Those of you who are grammarians and punctuation experts, please don't look too closely at that opening line!)

Anyway, all of this is hungry work, and the morning after the hike I made breakfast for the five of us. On the menu:

Home-made potato hashbrowns
Buttermilk pancakes with fresh-picked blueberries
Maple breakfast sausages

Not pictured, but enjoyed the previous night:

Toasted (and sometimes burned) marshmallows
Hot Chocolate Mint with melted mashmallow

Mmm. . .

And the Tomato Onion Salad to go With

Today I harvested two rather large and curvy cucumbers, a colander full of green beans, some Romas and cherry tomatoes, the last of the peas (amazing!), and some red potatoes.

The potatoes I boiled just so, and served them with salt, pepper, and butter. The green beans needed only a little steaming, and a touch of butter. So fresh, eaten only an hour or two after picking!

The tomatoes - so happy I planted them this year - I diced, and added about a 1/2 C of coarsely chopped onion, a generous handful of cuke (sliced from the thin end), and sliced fat pea pods (with the peas still in). I marinated it all for about an hour in balsamic vinegar, a touch of virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. After tasting it, I also added about two lumps worth of sugar, no more.

Plate Sized Omelet

I made an omelet tonight for dinner, to go with all the garden veggies I picked this evening. I have to say, the omelet turned out well, as well as "turning out of the pan" nicely.

Olives, goat cheese, chopped onion, salt and pepper. Very simple, yet a good complement to the tomato salad, fresh picked steamed green beans, and fresh potatoes.

Giant Fendi Bag Cupcake

Giant Fendi Bag Cupcake, originally uploaded by clevercupcakes.

Photo note:

"Giant vanilla cupcake filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, topped with a handmade fondant Fendi bag and matching shoes."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

mora ice cream

mora ice cream, originally uploaded by arajane.

In Kingston, Mora recently opened another store. A couple of night ago, my kids, friends, and I enjoyed this fabulous ice cream. While I didn't have the one pictured here, I did have a double scoop of irish cream and hazelnut chocolate in a waffle cone. Oh my. . .

This photopgraher says:

"maraschino cherries & cream on top, with swiss chocolate (milk chocolate with dulce de leche swirls and chocolate chunks) on bottom.

oh mora, how i love you!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food Poems - a call for Submissions to Alimentum

As a poet, I'm always on the lookout for places to submit work, and as I often mention food in my poems, this call caught my eye. I found it on CRWOPPS - a writer opportunities list.

Alimentum announces its first Poetry Contest
Submissions open September 1st 2009
Deadline December 1st 2009
First prize $500 and publication for a single poem. Two second prizes of publication. Final judge internationally renowned poet Dorianne Laux.

RULES: Submit up to 3 unpublished poems related to the subject of food or drink. No simultaneous submissions. No SASE. Winners will be contacted and announced on our website March 1st, 2010. $15 entry fee includes a one-year subscription. Snail mail only:
Alimentum Poetry Contest, P.O. Box 210028, Nashville, TN 37221.
Note: Our regular poetry-reading period is closed this fall. All contest submissions will be considered for publication.

Fiction & Nonfiction
Regular submission reading period opens September 1st 2009

Please note new address for submissions.

Writer Guidelines:

We're seeking fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry all around the subject of food. Submissions accepted via snail mail (no response without SASE). Five-poem limit on poetry submissions. We do not consider previously published work. Simultaneous submissions accepted. Please allow one to three months for response.

Address your submissions to fiction, non-fiction, or poetry editor.

For submissions:
P.O. Box 210028
Nashville, TN 37221

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mixing Pancakes

This one's from There, I Fixed It!


Fancy Watermelon

Fancy Watermelon, originally uploaded by CurlyCam.

I love carved watermelons. There was always a nice one each day on display in the Horizon Court buffet.

This is even cooler!

Food Frog

frog closeup, originally uploaded by Sakurako Kitsa.

"closeup of the tree frog. He didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, but that was ok."

*I* like it! Very cool~

Alaskan Cruise - Smoked Sockeye

More great salmon!

This photographer says:

"'Smoked wild sockeye salmon with condiments and brown bread' - I can't get enough of salmon on this cruise. Delicious as always."

Neither could I, and yes - oh-so-delicious~

Braided Bread Crescent Rolls

Braided Bread Crescent Rolls, originally uploaded by gmrclayg.

Nice - these look great, and quite tasty!

Braided Bread

Braided Bread, originally uploaded by bunbunlife.


Photo note:

"With Rosemary and rock salt. This was really fun to make"

braided christmas bread

braided christmas bread, originally uploaded by quilted_kat.

Photo note:

"I made a lot of bread for Christmas, for eating and for giving to people. Besides this one, there were also a couple of pretty bread wreathes with bows that somehow got eaten while I was out shopping yesterday. That's ok. This loaf grew so large in the oven that I had to scrape it off the upper rack where it had baked through the slats....

Sweet Christmas bread recipe:

1 cup warm water
4 1/2 tsp yeast (2 packets)
1/2 cup honey
3 cups warm soy milk, or whatever
lots of flour

No instructions. You should know how to make bread, damnit. Baked at 350. Sprinkled with poppy and flax seeds over a glaze of oil and honey and soy milk. The amounts given will make three normal-sized loaves or lots of smaller ones."

Braid bread

Braid bread, originally uploaded by stvleo.

Team USA Baguette Dough in 3-Braid & Double Braid Shapes

Photo note:

"Ennui-induced experiment with bread shapes using Team USA Baguette dough from Peter Reinhart's "Crust & Crumb" (p. 183, ISBN 1580080030). The shapes are from his other book, "A Bread Baker's Apprentice" (ISBN 1580082688): Pane Siciliano (p. 199), Double Braid and 3-Braid (p. 84)."

Braided Bread

Braided Bread, originally uploaded by Whisperawish.

Photo note:

"My sister made a braided loaf of wheat bread. It was soft & warm & delicious with the homemade vegetable soup my mom made! Yum! A very nice lunch on a cold day."

More Alaska (Princess) Cruise Food

Glacier-watching is hungry business, so while taking a break from oohing and ahhing and shooting photos, we enjoyed several lunch buffets.

These breads were gorgeous.

Looking at these got me thinking about the breads my grandmother made around Easter time. . .

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hogwarts Cake

Hogwarts Cake with flash, originally uploaded by selkie30.

And here's the whole picture. Nice Hogwarts cake!

Hufflepuff Badger

Hufflepuff Badger, originally uploaded by selkie30.

Another detail from a Harry Potter Cake - the Hufflepuff Badger

Gryffindor Lion

Gryffindor Lion, originally uploaded by selkie30.

Detail from a harry Potter Cake - detail is of Gryffindor Lion.

Slytherin Snake

Slytherin Snake, originally uploaded by selkie30.

Detail from a Harry Potter cake - representing Slytherin.

Ravenclaw Raven

Ravenclaw Raven, originally uploaded by selkie30.

Detail from a Harry Potter cake - Ravenclaw

Harry Potter Griffindor Cake - top

Photo note:

"yellow cake filled with butterscotch pudding and covered with vanilla marshmallow fondant

decorated with fondant pieces

made by Meredith"

IT'S A CAKE: Harry Potter Chess Set

Photo note:

"All edible! Each chess piece was handmade, individually moulded using sugarpaste icing. They are moveable therefore it was possible to play a game of chess. It took about 2 months to make all the pieces.
This cake won third prize in the Royal Adelaide Show.
Check out close up of chess pieces in my photo stream:


Friday, August 7, 2009

Salmon Poem -- What She Takes From the River

What She Takes from the River

I fry onions, add asparagus, a few
green tips mingling with a touch of pink
flesh left from last night’s dinner. Chinook

spawn downstream, a female and two males—
the same three this past week.
Because this is new to me I retreat

to the river daily, watch the males muscling,
sinuous, next moment
motionless and aligned with the current.

The female fans a redd. Tentative
I shift, watch her drift out,
dart back to nose in under a branch

above the antler I discovered
yesterday, when we spooked each other,
my dark form looming predatory,

her body arrowing over black rock
into deeper water. Now exposed,
I fish for the horn with a twig,

claim it for my own until broken tips
and blood-tinged grooves
come into view. Shimmy it upright,

let it rest. That night I awaken,
the moon a new-cut onion, and myself,
open and raw.

--Ronda Broatch

First appeared in Windfall, Spr. 1007

Eggs Benedict w Baby Spinach and Smoked Salmon

Mmm hmm!

This photographer says:

"Breakfast #3 - Eggs Benedict with Baby Spinach and Danish Smoked Salmon ($14.90)

Meeting #5 - The Breakfast Club
Time : 7.30am
Date : 14 September 2007
Place : Cafe Espresso. Shop 24, G/F, Strand Arcade, Sydney.

See other photos for this b'fast in "The Breakfast Club" set.

Review surfeitoflampreys.blogspot.com/


Today's was the final TBC in its current format for a little while, as I am headed off on a holiday until early November. TBC will contiue during this period, with The Dancing Wombat and Suitman a deux, and me, wherever I may be, having a hopefully exciting non-eggy-non-Hollandaisey breakfast somewhere else...."

Potato pancakes with smoked salmon and scambled eggs

Did I mention I had a little piece of salmon every morning on the cruise boat, along with all the other food on my plate? Now that I'm home, it's back to a bowl of whole grain cereal and rice milk.

= )

However, I wouldn't turn this little gem down!

Photo note:

"A simple breakfast with great flavors."


Homemade Gravlax

Homemade Gravlax, originally uploaded by prima seadiva.

Photo note:

"Homemade Gravlax

Didn't have any dill or Aquavit so I used fennel and a dash of rosemary infused vodka. Delicious! Served with yogurt cheese and flat bread"


gravlax, originally uploaded by katnhwi.

Photo note:

"Easy gravlax recipe paired it with roasted veggies and vanilla vinaigrette....delicious....posted about it here:


Salmon and salmon

Salmon and salmon, originally uploaded by seikinsou.

So beautiful.

Photo note:

"Gravlaks is great here too.

In the old market building of Helsinki Port."

Frenchy's Bistro

Frenchy's Bistro, originally uploaded by htomren.

Gravlaks crepe. Now, I could really enjoy that!

Gravlaks curing

Gravlaks curing, originally uploaded by macmacmac.


Gravlaks (Gravlox) recipe

On a site called Norway-hie.com, I found this recipe for gravlaks.


Serves 4
2 fresh salmon fillets
2-3 large bunches fresh dill
1/4 cup coarse sea salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
Juice from 1 lemon


Place salmon fillet in deep glass-baking dish, skin side down. Cover fillet with chopped fresh dill.

In separate bowl, mix salt, sugar, pepper and lemon juice. Add this evenly over dill covered fillet.

Add second half of salmon fillet - skin side up. Cover fillets with plastic wrap.

Wrap a board (slightly larger than salmon) in plastic and place over fish. Place weight (4 cans about 4 pounds or more) on board to press down.

Refrigerate (immediately) for 3 days - turning fish over every 6 hours; separate fillets - baste both sides each time with sauce from bottom of pan. Replace weights and refrigerate immediately.

After 3 days - remove fish from sauce, scrape away dill and seasoning - pat dry with paper towels.

Place salmon fillets skin side down and cut even thin slices at an angle.

This Norwegian delicacy is now ready to be served along with
Piquant Mustard Sauce. Garnish with sprigs of fresh dill, lemon wedges and thinly sliced red onions.


To read more, please visit:


Salmon Bar Ice Sculptures about the Island Princess

Each day there were new ice sculptures at the fish buffets. Here was one I particularly liked.

Sushi and Salmon Days on the Island Princess

About the second or third day of our Alaska cruise we were treated to a sushi bar in the Horizon Court, Deck 14. The assortment was gorgeous, and although it wasn't the best sushi I've ever had, the salmon more than made up for it. Notice I wasn't shy about filling my plate. = )

Fresh tomatoes filled with crab.

And the day we visited Glacier Bay, we lined up for a beautiful array of salmon, prepared in several different ways.

One of my favorites was the gravlaks (also, gravlox).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Individual Baked Alaska

On our last night on the cruise boat, I had Baked Alaska. About a dozen Princess cooks paraded these with candles (lights off), around the Bordeaux dining room. It was fun, and the dessert was great!

And here is another, better photo I found, and the note:

Individual Baked Alaska, originally uploaded by kellbakes.

"Toasted marshmallow exterior, with homemade caramel ice cream, sliced ripe banana, chocolate ganache on a moist cake base. DE-LISH!
Recipe and tutorial at:


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