While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Raw Food Recipe #3: Double Decker Brownies

My friend Donna just posted this recipe, and photos:
"I made these tasty little treats last night because I promised my boss, the brownie lover turned health food purist, I would. They got an "ohhhhh." :) My modifications are noted."

Double-Decker Brownies

Based on a recipe by By Shannon Leone, Raw Divas


3 C nuts (I use 1 C almonds, 1 C pecans and 1 c cashews. added some sunflower seeds for good measure. -dvr )

1 C pitted dates or raisins ( i soaked medjool dates in filtered water for 15 mins to release some of the sugar from the dates. Diabetic here. -dvr)

2/3 C raw honey or agave (I opted for raw local honey- agave has been debunked as a low-glycemic natural sweetener. It's really a high fructose processed food -dvr)

2/3 C cacao powder or raw carob powder or a combo (I used organic fair trade cocoa powder -dvr)

pinch of sea salt

Directions: Grind nuts to a fine ground in your food processor. Add the raisins or dates and mash them around. Then add the rest of ingredients including a few tablespoons of water if necessary. Dehydrate these about 8 hours, and then flip and dehydrate them a few more hours until they are firm on the outside, and even slightly crisp inside. (I don't yet own a dehydrator so I put them in the oven on LOW with the door open instead... it works fine-dvr)

Because things take so long to dehydrate, I spread the batter thinner than a brownie really wants to be...poor things! So, to create a more brownie mood for everyone, when they are done you can DOUBLE them by placing the two slim brownies on top of each other. I separate them with walnuts or pecans because these are nice and flat and then cut into little brownie squares...or bigger ones for people like Mr. Papa Bear! (OK that's a dumb line. Papa Bear?! Keep them small- they are RICH Also, due to a mild walnut allergy I used pecans. Yum. Remember to modify to your tastes/needs. -dvr)

Running short on time? Just plop the little suckers onto the teflex sheets and call them brownie balls! REALLY short on time, roll the batter into balls and freeze for a while to harden OR EAT AS IS! These are so rich and filling and you won't need more than a couple to completely satisfy your childhood brownie fantasies!

Here they are! Mmm.
Double Decker Brownies.

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