While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cauliflower / Veggie / Turkey Soup

Yesterday was soup day.  I had some ground turkey in the fridge, a head of cauliflower, and leek that needed some attention, and as I my son and husband are in varying stages of illness, soup seemed to be in order.

To make this soup I first chopped and
 sauteed the leek, a medium sweet onion, and the ground turkey.  To this I added two large grated carrots, four or five sizeable celery stalks chopped, organic chicken broth, and, in the last moment, a small bag of frozen peas.  

Of course, I had steamed the head of cauliflower while the onions and turkey were sauteing, and added it to the soup pot after the other veggies had begun to soften.  I seasoned it simply, with salt and (liberal) pepper, and some oregano.  Quite tasty, if I do say so myself. And my kids like it, too, which is a huge plus.

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