While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vegan Yogurt Cheese Filled Crepes with Vietnamese Cinnamon

Photo note:

"I woke up wanting crepes. I'm not nuts for crepes just folded over on themselves and doused with syrup though, so I went more the blintz route and used the soy yogurt cheese I'd made yesterday whipped with some agave, vanilla, Vietnamese cinnamon, and lemon zest to make a sweet, rich, creamy filling. After filling the crepes I baked them to get the filling to be nice and gooey warm inside. I covered these with a blueberry studded raspberry lemon sauce, which made them even more delicious."

* * *

The photo is wonderful, too.

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