While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced. . .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quickie Breakfast - Egg Potato Pancake

Want a tasty and satisfying quick-made breakfast? Have left-over potatoes and some fresh eggs in your fridge? Try this:

Egg Potato Pancake


* About a cup of grated cold cooked potatoes (we used our homegrown ones, and have also tried russets - both work well)
* One beaten egg
* Cheese
* Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat an omelet sized pan on medium, then add a little butter or olive out. Put in the grated potato and let brown one minute. Pour egg over the top, and begin to form into a neat circle in the pan with a wooden spatula. Add grated cheese, if desired. Let brown a few minutes, then flip and brown on the other side. When finish, salt and pepper to taste and, if you're like my daughter, you might like a little catsup on the side. I myself like it plain, or with sausage.

For a variation, you might like to add red peppers, chopped onion, finely chopped ham or sausage. . .


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